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Join Us for Adventure, Challenge and Fun!


Rainbows (5-7 year olds) is exciting, messy and lots of fun! It's a space for girls to try new things with girls of their own age


Brownies (7-10 years) make an adventurous journey with their friends as they discover the world together


Guides (10-14 years) challenge themselves to get out there and do something different while making friends along the way


Rangers (14-18 years) is all about taking action and pushing boundaries - learning to lead, to travel and make your voice heard


Calling 5-7 year old girls in Middlesbrough.


Rainbow units in Linthorpe are looking forward to being able to meet face to face again. In the last year when we have been struggling to meet, a lot of our girls have grown old enough for Brownies and so we are currently looking for new members in our units that meet at St Barnabas Church and Trinity Methodist Church. If you are interested in joining please register here.


Click on the icons to find out more. You do not have to be a member. The members area is for Girlguiding volunteers only.

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